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June O'Connor

The Garvey School, Founder

Thank you for your interest in the Garvey School!


The Garvey School provides a unique learning experience for minority children in the Northeast Bronx. This school was developed out of the need to create a superior academic experience for talented students who would benefit from a skills-driven curriculum. Each child is presented with a series of activities designed around his/her academic strengths and needs. Benchmarks and pacing guides are created to foster accelerated learning, as well as to support students who may need additional help in specific subject areas. Although the bar at Garvey is set very high, many students exceed the School's benchmarks.


Students at Garvey are at least two grade levels ahead in comparison to their public school cohorts. Students are exposed to inquiry-based learning, a strong phonetic and reading comprehension program, and problem-solving strategies supported by the Singapore Mathematics curriculum.


Our Music and Art Programs include violin instruction, choral, and bell choir. The Art program exposes children to various artists linked to topics in our quarterly virtual cultural excursions. Students not only review various bodies of work and visit museums, they are expected to be able to engage in a conversation about the relevance of an artist's work in relation to the period in which he/she created the piece. Even in our earliest classroom, students begin to understand that art and music are a mode of telling, a way to convey meaning.


Language immersion and scientific exploration are also taught as another mode of communication that students must learn how to access. Students in PK-8 are taught both Spanish and French. In addition to language immersion, students are taught how to examine, articulate, and re-formulate scientific concepts. The Science curriculum is an activity driven inquiry-based program.


The Garvey School recognizes that each child is a unique blend of abilities and talents. We provide individualized support for high achieving learners and create an environment that ensures that each student realizes his or her highest potential. We are passionate about learning, devoted to the process, and dedicated to our students.



June O'Connor

Founder and Director of The Garvey School