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About Garvey


The Garvey School is a private, co-educational (Nursery - Grade 6) school, which utilizes both traditional and progressive teaching strategies.  The Garvey School prides itself on its ability to provide a nurturing and supportive environment where students are encouraged to take intellectual risks. At Garvey, we believe that true learning occurs when students actively participate in the process of discovering. Students are exposed to inquiry-based learning where every question is treated as a valid entry point to a larger discourse.


As a devotional school, the Garvey School is not only invested in creating active thinkers, we are also passionate about nurturing students spiritual development. At Garvey, we educate and nurture mind, body, and spirit. The Garvey School instills within each child a sense of community and ethical duty.  Students are encouraged to express excellence through academic achievement, but they are also charged with the duty to use their specific attributes to create change.


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